Books for parents:

Positive Discipline – Jane Nelsen (This book focuses on positive strategies that parents can apply to common obstacles they might face with their children. It provides easy actions a parent can take to support their children in becoming responsible and self‐directed. Included in the book are multiple examples of typical parent‐child interactions and illustrates ways to respond in each scenario)

Raising an Emotionally Intelligent Child – John Gottman (Book addresses how to teach children to recognize and address their feelings listening empathetically; helping the child label emotions; setting limits; and problem‐solving)

Self‐Esteem for a Lifetime: Raising a Successful Child from the Inside Out – Dr. Ingrid Schwieger. Easy to read with practical suggestions for how to prevent common childhood problems and build self‐esteem.


10 Things Not to Say to Your Kids by Brenna Hicks
Why Talk Therapy Doesn’t Work with Kids – but Play Therapy Does by Brenna Hicks

Helping children cope with parents divorce:

The Divorce Express by Paula Danziger is great for kids ages 10 on up. “Shuttling between her divorced parents, Phoebe is on the “Divorce Express,” a bus on which she spends too much time but where she also makes a startling discovery.”

My Family’s Changing by Pat Thomas is great book for toddlers and up. “This unusual picture book for younger children explores the issue of divorce. The author of this book is a psychotherapist and counselor and helps children to face their fears, worries and questions when their family is going through a break-up.”

Where Am I Sleeping Tonight? by Carol Gordon Ekster is a great book for kids who are in grades 2 – 7. “Ever wake up and not know where you are? Not sure if your homework is due today or tomorrow? Can’t remember if you have hockey practice tonight? Forgot your homework at your Mom’s and now you’re at your Dad’s and can’t get it done?” It will help to normalize “living in two homes” for your children

When My Parents Forgot How to Be Friends by Jennifer Moore-Mallinos is a book for younger children ages 3 – 8, though some readers shared that their older children enjoyed it as well. “This sensitively written book assures  children that they are in no way responsible for their parents’ inability to get along together. It lets kids know that although one parent chooses to move away from the home, both parents continue to love their little boy or girl.”

Helping Your Kids Cope with Divorce the Sandcastles Way by Gary Neuman
This book will answer your questions like: How to build a co-parenting relationship even when you think you can’t ; When you or your child should see a therapist; What to do when a parent moves away; How to stop fighting with your ex-spouse; How to navigate the emotional turmoil custody and visitation; How to help your child deal with change; How to cope with kids’ common fears about separation; How to introduce significant others into the family and help your child cope with a new stepfamily.