Services I Offer

I provide counselling for families, individuals, adolescents, and children. I view family as a system and include in counselling as as many family members as possible. I’ve got extensive training in Functional Family Therapy for two years which is a strength-based model built on a foundation of acceptance and respect. You can read more about FFT here:

Counselling children and families with an emphasis on acting out children and improving family dynamics. I apply Play therapy and Cognitive-Behavioral therapy to help children with anxiety, attention difficulties, stress, behavioral concerns, bulling, grief and loss, and parent-child conflict.

What to expect

Initial assessment

First meeting is usually attended by one or both parents, but without a child. I ask parents to share with me their concerns regarding their child’s behaviour and emotional connection; I also ask the family history and background. We discuss the goal for the therapy and approach to use to help  child achieve that goal. The assessment meeting duration is 50 minutes.

Play therapy for children

To help a child express feelings that may be difficult or tricky to verbalize, I use Play therapy. A fully equipped play room with special toys will allow children fully express their feelings, and support their growth and changes.

Parent coaching

I offer you an opportunity to learn strategies and skills you can apply to improve communication with your child. You will be able to deal effectively with concerning behavior and collaborate with your child

Family therapy

It usually involves the entire family or the parent and the child (for example, mother and son, or father and son). Parents will have an opportunity to play together and strengthen relationship with their children, learn how to develop closeness between family members and change communication pattern, if needed.


One session duration is 50 minutes. Session fee – $220. I expect you to pay at the end of each session. I accept debit, cheque, cash, e-transfers, VISA, MasterCard.